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Upcoming Voting Meeting

Hi Members,

At our recent club committee meeting we had a member from Karting NSW come along to discuss staying on with them and we had a member from Karting Australia NSW come along to discuss moving across to them.  Both representatives spoke well and gave our committee a lot to think about.  As a result the club committee has unanimously decided to take the vote to the members of the club on which way we should go. 

With this in mind we have decided to meet on the 15th March at Wauchope RSL at 6:00pm to firstly share what was discussed by both Karting NSW and Karting Australia.  Followed by a vote to decide which way we will be going.

The requirement of a meeting like this is to give 21 days written notice to its members.  As such any new member that joins after this email was sent will be ineligible to attend and vote on the night.

Click this link to view and download a proxy voting form if you cannot attend (The form is in PDF format):  PMKRC_Proxy_Form

Below is a full list of financial members and life members over the age of 18 who was a member at the time the voting email went out on the 22nd February 2023 and is therefore elidgible to vote:

  • Clint  Arnold
  • Logan Mark Atkins
  • Alan John Barnes
  • Jamie  Barnes
  • Penny Barnes
  • Lisa Maree Barnes
  • Chris  Board
  • Troy  Brown
  • Adam  Bugledich
  • Jarrod  Butlin
  • David  Campbell
  • David Keith William Campbell
  • Edward  Clebsch
  • Steve Collins
  • Jason  Conder
  • Nathan Scott Davis
  • Mark Edwin Ellis
  • Jason  Fletcher
  • Sean  Glashoff
  • Nathan  Goodsell
  • Tim  Gresham
  • Terry  Hanly
  • Andrew Ian Hannam
  • Paul Colin Haste
  • Samuel  Hender
  • James  Hender
  • Matthew  Hill
  • Simon  Holmes
  • Peter Gerard Holmes
  • Colin Jackson
  • Liam  Jones
  • Ben Edward Kernahan
  • Paul  Kidd
  • Amber  Kidd
  • Chris  Latham
  • Jane Livermore
  • Mark Livermore
  • Graeme  Madden
  • Shania Rose Madden
  • Trent Anthony Mccarthy
  • Gaye  Mccoll
  • Shane  Mcguigan
  • John Missen
  • Luke Daniel Moreta
  • Stan  Morrisin
  • Ben David Moylan
  • Robert  O’Connell
  • Michael  Page
  • Ian Pascoe
  • Melanie  Pickworth
  • Michael  Pryor
  • Terry  PRYOR
  • Daniel  Pryor
  • Luke  Ramm
  • Bailey  Sagaidak
  • Ivan Ronald Sillitoe
  • Daniel christopher Sillitoe
  • Luke  Smith
  • Jason Ross Speechly
  • Daniel Stein
  • David Stein
  • Jenny Stein
  • Shelly Stein
  • Liana  Stewart
  • Tracy  Stewart
  • Andrew  Trappel
  • Damien Robert Upcroft
  • Christopher Michael Veech
  • Luke William Waites
  • Christian  Weber



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