Port Macquarie Kart Racing Club

Track Records

On this page you will find the fastest lap times to date recorded at the Port Macquarie circuit.

Congratulations to those drivers who hold the current records and look forward to seeing these times be bettered over time.

ClassBest Lap Time Anti-ClockwiseDrivers NameBest Lap Time ClockwiseDrivers Name
Cadet 950.716Marcus Culbi50.878Hudson Petta
Cadet 1250.195Rhett Moylan50.122Declan Hicks
4SS cadet50.137Zade Sturgess
Mini Max48.433Corey Carson
KA3 Junior Light45.637Tommy Rizk46.326Ruben Dan
KA3 Junior Heavy48.408Isaac Johnstone
4SS Junior49.966Fraser Sturgess
Junior Max44.673James Anagnostiadis
KA3 Senior Light46.475Mathew Hill47.106Jaxon Barrington
4SS Senior Light50.539Lochlan Shearsmith52.415Logan Page
4SS Senior Medium50.573Ryan Uhlmann52.613Eric Day
4SS Senior Heavy52.503Mark Walker54.192Leroy Day
4SS Supermaxx Medium50.777Scott Pearce
TaG Restricted Light46.356Ryan Hughes46.984Mitchell Wood
TaG Restricted Medium46.921Noah Lees
TaG 125 Light45.363Brodie Whitmore44.750Jackson Souslin-Harlow
TaG 125 Heavy46.453Lachlan Bourke
KZ243.500Jack Childs