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Club Championship Standings

Hi members,

The club has been working on a club championship points score since round one.  The championship is linked to the MyLaps Timing system, meaning that we had to get a better knowledge of how that system worked.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a solid grip on that and are happy to share the current point score for 2023.

Please note that not all classes are covered as the numbers in that class is near non-existent.

The club committee at the end of the season will decide which classes have a declared club champion based once again on the numbers in that class.  I don’t think anyone wants to be called club champion for your class if you are the only one in it.

The points system for 2023 is based on the Winter Cup points system.

  • 2 Points for pole position in qualifying.
  • 12 points for the winner of each of the heats 1, 2 and 3. Then a sliding scale 10 points for 2nd, 8 points for 3rd, etc.
  • 25 points for the winner of the final. Then a sliding scale 20 points for 2nd, 16 points for 3rd, etc.

I am already starting to think how 2024 will look which could include things like to qualify for the championship you need to race at least one race meet at the Coffs Harbour track, you need to attend at least two working bees during the year.  I am also considering a bonus point structure for things like racing in every local race meet during the year.  Refer a friend to join the club and they join the club, etc.  The committee will decide on this along with the points system at the end of the 2023 season.


See below links to the current 2023 standings.  A note that only a member of the Port Macquarie Club can win the championship.

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